Down Time

by Film Club

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released October 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Film Club Corona, California

Austin Tesio

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Track Name: Falling
when i saw her
i thought i
was falling
into her eyes
and now i see her
and things have changed
im a new man
its a new day
and now im falling
in a new direction
enerythings coming
to perfection
and i couldnt see it
any better
oh shes leaving
and ill let her
and its coming
and im falling
Track Name: Fooling Around
cant keep from fooling around
cant keep on bringing me down
always cool now
ive stopped loosing my head
dont stop fool speed ahead
oh lets get there
im just fooling around
always fooling around
Track Name: Racing
going fast
oh so fast
dont slow me down
oh stick around
were doing good
i try to keep my speed on the turns
i drive oh so fast on the track
Track Name: Down Time
dont think too much
about unnecessary stuff
youve got too much on your mind
just sit back and unwind
ill take care of you
theres nothing that you need to do
throw all ypur emotions on me
and ill handle them so gently
ive got some down time
hanging around time
and theres no one id rather spend it with than you
ive got some down time
hanging around time
and the stars dont shine as bright as you
Track Name: How Long
i dont know what im still doing here
it feels like ive been waiting around for years
how long do you expect me to hang around
i think that i want to go home now
how long should i stick around
(i think that i want to go home now)
Track Name: End
its not the end of the world
its just the end of the night
no reason to worry
everything will turn out alright