Innocent Youth

by Film Club

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released December 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Film Club Corona, California

Austin Tesio

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Track Name: Someone
all of your life
youll be waiting for someone like her
and all of your time
will be put towards something so pure
shes so pure
maybe all of her life
shes been waiting for a boy just like you
and here we are
isnt that so weird isnt that so cool isnt that so bizzarre
you say you dont like yourself
well why would you do something like that
you say you dont like yourself
well i do
Track Name: Happy Head
its time to go
you need to go home
when the street lights turn on
i dont want you to leave me her

staring blankly at the wall
do you think at all
about what you do
maybe its not me but its you
and im cool with that
Track Name: Sorry can we try this again
when im walking around
there is no one else
when im talking about you to my friends
they all just laugh

sorry can we try this again
once ive cleared my head
maybe we can put this behind
put it all in the past
Track Name: Favorite coffee shop
ive been out working trying to make things right for you
we can go to that spot that no one knows if youd like to
i wanna take you to my favorite coffee shops
and we can drink and we can think about what we do
what we do its just me and you
Track Name: Alright
i thought i saw you standing over there
i didnt know what i know now
well i thought i saw you standing in a glare
you felt like a dream it didnt seem so real

i knew i saw you standing over there
you didnt have a clue that i was watching you
well i thought i saw you yes you saw me too
i didnt know that it would end like this

maybe when were older we can try this again
in the next life when were younger you can be my friend
Track Name: Home
come take a walk with me
lets go to the city
im tired of these trees
do you want to get out
i feel so trapped
lying around in this twon

come take a walk with me
i need to see some trees
im tired of these lights and these cars honking at me
do you feel okay here
you know i do
we can stay here if you want me to